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Thanks wallcraft and AnemicOak. More questions:

1) I assume I have to do this (download the ADOBE DRM version) through my computer and not while on my vox - is that correct?

2) When I logon to myLibrary right now through my computer, I see that some of my books have one download option beside them, and some don't have any download option beside them.

2a) For the ones that don't have any download option, does this mean I'm screwed and have gotten only the kepub version that is now on my vox?

2b) For the ones that have a download option, it either says or "Adobe DRM epub" or "Download epub". Does this mean that I can only get the book in that one format?

3) When I originally bought the books from kobo, I am sure I did NOT get a choice of two download formats: I bought my books using the computer (not the vox) and once they were paid for, the "Download book" button appeared and I pressed it. Then later, when I turned on my vox, my library updated itself and they showed up in it. Should I/Can I do something different to ensure I get the ADOBE DRM vershion and not the KEPUB version?

Many thanks for your help and patience
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