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Can I read Kobo-bought books in Aldiko?

Can I import my kobo-bought books into Aldiko 0n my vox so I can read them there? (I apologize if this has already been covered -- I have been reading all these threads so much over the past few weeks that I can't remember if this was addressed or not. If it has already been addressed, please point me to the correct thread and many thanks)

I've installed Aldiko on my Vox, and have gone into Aldiko's settings to authorize it as an Adobe DRM device. Then in Aldiko I went to Home-> SD Card-> KoboPegasus-> epubs. (The books are listed there using kobo's 'numbers instead of names' format.) In Aldiko's menu, I tapped "Select All", then tapped "Import to Aldiko". The popup box then displays a message saying "Importing Nan 0/0" and then the popup closes. When I go to my Aldiko list, the books aren't there.

What am I doiing wrong? Do I have to use Calibre to move the kobo-bough books over to my desktop, then move them back to Aldiko on the vox? Or can kobo-bought books only be read using the kobo app?
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