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Originally Posted by cscat View Post
First and foremost, thank you very much geekmaster AGAIN. Diags mode was successful and I recovered my documents and books I bought... AWESOME!

1. So in diags mode, I'd imagine simply putting the following line in and rebooting the Touch, will replace root partition with my backup image?
dd -if /mnt/us/bak/mmcblk0p1.bin -of /dev/mmcblk0p1 bs=1024
or is it more detailed, e.g. involving mount -o loop /dev/loop1 and such?

2. Is there a command for faculty restoring?

Feedback for fastboot mode: I rebooted my Touch and did the same procedure as for diags mode... in MfgTool, I Started the fastboot mode, Windows began automatically searching for driver, couldn't locate and gave error "No driver found". Checking Device Manager, I see a device called Kindle in "Other devices" section, but by setting the path for drivers manually (Driver folder of MfgTool) it still says suitable driver not found!!!... so nothing happens on my Kindle Touch in fastboot mode! O_o

3. Misc. individual dignostics > Utilities > Enable USBnet gives out correct information regarding IP... I wonder why it doesn't work out with ssh and we have to push reverse shell!
i need that too
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