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Originally Posted by ProDigit View Post
Usually my jetbook lasts a good 12 hours in reading mode,but between 4 to 6 hours with MP3 playback. happens to be that my MP3 player and jetbook run out of juice around the same time!
So great entertainment doing both! Though I never read more than 4 hours in a row anymore.
I haven't taken the time to actually verify exactly but they claim my Libre will last for 24 hours of 'continuous use' reading. I've more been using it for brief periods on and off since I got it in January so that's hard to judge. They also claimed it would last 2 weeks sitting on standby and that's easier to tell. With very light use on a full charge I got 21 days on standby so it seems they aren't exaggerating the battery life. Interesting to note how much faster they eat power playing music though.

I saw something the other day that made me wonder.. I'd assumed that audio books would be just a sound file and play and display the way a music file does but this article's wording made me wonder if they don't display the text as well as 'playing' the book at the same time. Is this the case ?
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