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Originally Posted by damaru View Post
Anyone has tried MOC package from there - it would be a wicked audio player for the kindle. I think that curse app are so well fitted for the kindle since they're text base and quite close to the actual kindle 'os'.

I use vim, irssi(irc), alpine(email), moc(music) and newsbeutler(newsfeed) for most of my work and w3c for browser. If all these apps would work on kindle it would create a really nice portable workstation!

Anyway I'll hack away to install OptWare and tried it out Just checking if anyone lead the way on MOC.

I was wondering also if we could create our own repository with all the jailbreak and other apps (chess, fbreader etc) so that it could all be installed from the command line - would that even work ?
Regarding MOC, what about mplayer? There has already been a binary compiled of that for the Kindle, which you can use from the command line.

And regarding a repository, someone is experimenting with that, and creating a GUI for it. See here:

Surely a Kindle repository could be made (including Kindlets and general hacks and apps), but I have no idea how.
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