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Calibre Library - Books not found


I am using calibre for years now. I never had problems moving my library between folders and even operating systems. Unfortunately I got a problem now.

I am using a Debian based distribution (LMDE). I installed this OS a few weeks back. Now i wanted to use calibre. My old config file is still fine and is pointing to the correct folder. I always used my old configuration and - if necessary - modified the database location manually. The file path hasnt been changed for quiet some time and was working perfectly a few weeks back.

I started calibre and realized that I am not able to open all books. It turned out the reason is because of file system privilige as some folders where only readable by root. I took ownership and set permissions (now for testing purposes to 777). After that no books can be opened at all. I moved the database file and rebuilded it. Now calibre does not detect any books at all.

This is the current permission: "drwxrwxrwx 1 andy andy 752 2. Dez 17:39". I used a recursive chmod statement so all nested folders and files gained the same permissions.

Well ... its working now. I moved back the old metadata.db and know all books are working. Do you have any idea, why calibre wasnt reindexing the database based on the folder structure? As far as i know calibre usually does that if no metadata.db is found?

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