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Originally Posted by GA Russell View Post
For all of the talk on this website a couple of years ago about the ability to listen to music while you read, I've never heard of a single eBook reader that has a good reputation for playing music.
First I'd say that the idea of listening to music while reading doesn't appeal to me, although an argument might be made for drowning out worse distractions I suppose. When I got my Aluratek Libre Pro I looked at the ability to play music as a bit of a bonus since I don't have a portable MP3 player, could never talk myself into a cheap one thinking you'd get what you paid for. But using an eReader to kill time somewhere, on a trip or in a hospital waiting room, I thought it might be nice to be able to switch from reading to music. All that said, I didn't find the sound quality on the Libre Pro to be all that bad, although I never even bothered trying out the earbuds that came with it and that change alone to better ones may have improved sound quality somewhat. I couldn't say if a $100 plus Ipod or something would sound better, having never tried one, but I found the sound quality on the eReader to be better than I expected.
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