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Landscape Modes for Mobipocket files

I agree with the majority of wishes that you guys have talked about. But the one thing that I'd like to see that would really impact my emjoyment of the Cybook is to allow for landscape reading for mobipocket prc files. It is an option for PDFs, but not mobipocket files (at least that I've found).

I like to read on the couch laying down, and it is just a little awkward to to with the choice of having all buttons in the lower right, with no page turning buttons anyhwhere else. But I noticed that if i flipped it 90 deg all of a sudden the buttons were at a much comfortable position in the upper right and i could hold and page turn easily with no discomfort. The same is true if you rotated it the other direction (making it easier for lefties with the buttons in the lower left).

So I would like to see two landscape functions (one counterclockwise and one clockwise) with the appropriate re-mapping of the buttons while in a particular mode. Also, my lefthanded friends have been very critical with the right-handed bias of all ebooks to date, so i suspect a 180deg inverse portrait mode (where the buttons are in the top left) would also be desirable for some people.

Just my 2 cents.

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