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Originally Posted by ProDigit View Post
Yes, you can use the 4 way for page flipping too.

I have to agree with Russell, the slider bar was way too stiff at the beginning.
But now it's very soft, sometimes too soft. I see problems with it in the long run.
Yes, sounds like it may be an issue later. I've barely touched it on my Aluratek and it is rather stiff but I don't think I'll get into using it a lot.

Also the bottom left 2 buttons are becoming slightly blacker. I think it's corrosion appearing from finger grease.
Could also be the plating wearing off if, as I assume, those buttons are not made of metal. They are just case-coloured plastic on mine.

I used 16GB SD cards just fine, 32 GB would work as well, but I'd advise you to stick with 2 or 4GB.
I started with a spare 8 gig I had but have since gone to an old 2 gig I had sitting around since they do hold so much. I have quite a few books plus about 160 MP3 files on the 2 gig card and it's barely half full.

This site sells similar devices really cheap. The Astak EZ reader pocket pro is very similar to the jetbook
Yes.. It has the look and features to suggest it's just another version of the same eReader we both 'enjoy', slightly altered. But it is a good price. I got my Libre Pro at a Boxing Day sale for $49.99..
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