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What I meant with Telnet, was that when I entered "cd /mnt" it would work, but if I tried, say, "cd /mnt/us" it would complain that no such file or directory existed.

Now that I try it again, I get this:

[root@kindle /mnt]# ls
base-mmc  base-us   mmc       rwfs      us
[root@kindle /mnt]# cd /us
-sh: cd: can't cd to /us
Before it said that the directory /us/ doesn't exist, now it just says it can't cd to it.

I should just give up on Linux, for the 5th or so time. Every time I try to use it theres always some unsolvable error or problem that prevents me from doing anything I want to do. All distros are so broken, slow, incomplete, and user-unfriendly, even if you know what you're doing.

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