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Was Sent a Book that has UPSIDE Down PICS...Can I Fix them??

Hey all,

A buddy of mine sent me a book in EPUB format. Since I have a Kindle Fire I needed to convert it to MOBI before loading it into my device. I added it to Calibre and I immediately noticed that the cover image was upside down. Easy enough to fix, I changed it in the Metadata and it worked. So the cover is OK now. Well I start browsing through the book and came upon some of the pics in the book and they are upside down. They are not entire page size pictures, just partial page size. Granted it isn't that big of a deal and I can live with it if I have to, but I wanted to ask and see if there is a way I can "fix" those images where they will appear right side up and then convert it to MOBI and transfer it to my Fire.

Anyone know how I could do this or even if I could? If it would be a big headache to do, I'll just leave them as is and forget about them

Any advice?

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