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colordict translation dictionaries question

Right now I'm testing out the colordict foreign language dictionaries which can be used with some Android eReaders. Loading a Spanish text, I have tried looking up words with the Spanish-English dictionary: it is not able to recognize conjugated verb forms. In my experience using translation dictionaries with my pc, when I click on a conjugated verb, the dictionary deduces the infinitive form and gives a definition, but colordict returns "no results found" for anything but a verb which is already in the infinitive.

Does anyone know if there are translation dictionaries available for colordict which can deal with conjugated verbs? Or is there another android application I might want to look into which can be integrated into an ereader and useful for translation when reading texts in a foreign language?

I notice that EZpdf reader also has an option to access "web" as well as "colordict" when clicking on a word, but the only options it gives me for "web" are my web browsers. Would be nice if it could access Google Translate or something like that as well.

Thanks for your help.

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