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Using amoth's java hack, now it works for me as well.

OOPS, Spoke too soon.

As soon as I added some books, my Reader reverted to listing "recently added" books again. The trigger's still in place, says SQLLiteSpy, and re-running the java installer has no effect. Installer still thinks it's on. Turning it on and off again with the installer doesn't work.

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

And yet again,

Adding books (at least) causes the Sony Reader to "forget", or maybe more properly, "overwrite" what you've been reading. There is, afaict, no way to get the whole thing back intact. However, it will remember what you read thereafter, so all is well until you add more books (or maybe delete them, haven't tried that.)

There may be a way, through sqllitespy, to play with the "added" dates for new books so that this doesn't happen anymore. I will have to look at the new trigger again, and try that.

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