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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
That sounds much more realistic. We know (from peoples' order numbers) that Bookeen are shipping around about 2000-3000 Gen3's per month, which would equate to 10-15% of PVI's screen output. If Amazon are getting, say, 50% of the output (10,000 screens a month) that would put their Kindle sales at about 3-5x what Bookeen are selling, which seems reasonable to me.
I think these numbers are quite low by a drastic amount. But your math doesn't match up with the OP anyway. Bookeen sells 2000-3000/month. Amazon sells 3-5x more than Bookeen. That means Amazon has sold somewhere between 6000-15000/month. They have been selling for almost 7 months now. So that means there have been between 42000-105000 sold by Amazon. 50k is quite low in that range.
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