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Originally Posted by Ken Maltby View Post
An actual button failure would be a defect. They should last as long as the rest of the device, given normal use."
My thinking was like with Optical Mice.. The first thing to usually fail on those is the buttons. Buy a cheap one and they last several months. My Logitech Mouse is about 5 years old with all the paint worn off the buttons but they still work.

If you take the device apart, be sure to keep track of where each screw goes. Some are a little longer than others, and there is one that can effect the use of the "0" key, if the wrong screw is used.
I wasn't even aware they had screws. Hidden under rubber plugs I assume? These days so many things are simply glued solid.

I seldom use the slider, I prefer the shiny page turn button.
Shiny?... Must be a Jetbook. The Alurateks are case coloured.

Thanks for your input..

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