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Originally Posted by DiapDealer View Post
No problem! I only mentioned it because I'd really like to use it. Look forward to the fix.

In the meantime... since it's obviously possible to create an epub that will display properly in AZARDI, is there an easy work-around that can be employed (in the CSS itself) to avoid the issue?

Thanks for addressing this.
Because we have our own highly automated ePub generation from a master XHTML source, and we kinda rushed AZARDI out for an October 2011 release, and quite frankly we didn't test enough it would appear. We have a huge batch of test ePubs but Sigil and Calibre generated ePubs were obviously not in the mix.

What AZARDI does internally is reads the manifest converts all XHTML5 into HTML5, loads everything into variables (except audio and video) and then loads the content. It wasn't finding the CSS in the /Styles/ directory as it was expecting a forward path from the HTML - the way we package (a little hard coded nonsense). We also discovered another CSS bug @import was not handled reliably. We are targeting Wed 22nd IST for an 8.2 bug-fix update just for these CSS issues. It is a big deal.

You can put the CSS in a css/mybook.css path from the XHTML, but that "quick fix" may be too much work with the update imminent. Book creators shouldn't have to compensate for sucky reader code!

Our objective with AZARDI is to keep adding ePub3 features. We have added page and epub:type TOC navigation. SMIL is the next major thing. But we don't want to support the "ethereal" parts of the spec if no-one is ever going to use them.
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