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Originally Posted by PostGrant View Post
I have an eBookWise too.

Here's the skinny for folks on the line:

Personal content - yeah, it's possible. Gutenberg is possible, RB is possible, etc, etc, and if you are enterprising enough, even .LIT files can be converted.

Complex HTML, offline reading - it's possible if you spend an hour or two getting familiar with sitescooper. Sitescooper, I'm finding, is the eBookWise user's best friend. I now, daily, read the Times, BBC News, the Guardian, and a handful of my favorite blogs on my EBW (yes, with hyperlinks).

Weight, readability - the screen isn't as green as it looks in the pics, unless you're reading it under direct sunlight. It *is* a green screen, but the backlight makes it appear black/white. It's not that heavy, either - if you figure out the correct way to hold it, it's nearly weightless.

My opinion: I love this thing. I wouldn't trade it for any Palm/PocketPC - I wouldn't even trade it for a lifetime of free martinis. The size of the screen is wonderful, and the price is right.

I demand alot of this machine and have used alot of the document converters. I'd be willing to answer any questions and help people out making this thing even more usable.
I know the message I read from you is old, but I have a question about converting files. I use the EBW Librarian for most of my conversion of html. I haven't converted other files because I don't know how. I've tried to convert lit and I think rb, but they didn't convert. I have one html file that won't convert in the librarian...any suggestions? The company even sent me the lit & ms files and they didn't convert. I would love to be able to convert all types of files even pdf's, but don't know what software will do that or how to do it once I have the software. I did download ebook publisher and the book came up in the file, but I don't know how to save it to html or imp or anything else. So I hope you can help me. I've had my ereader 1150 since last yr and love it love it love it. Just would like to do more with it. you know where a good place to purchase 128 sm card from. the ones on ebay for some reason go to high.
Thanks for your help
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