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Originally Posted by hacker
DRM is only supposed to get in the way when you try to redistribute the DRM-protected work. Its not supposed to get in your way when you try to use the media you've legally purchased with a device you legally own. That is the key problem here.
And this is why DRM is so nasty and evil.

Now iTunes and MS are telling me I can read/listen to the content I purchase for x times on y different devices (where x and y are usually far les than 10). What is to stop them from changing these rules after the majority of users have adopted DRM? Nothing because they hold the controls and when people meekly accept these kind of conditions they are only encouraging the pigopolist to greater and greater restriction of our digital media.

You wouldn't buy clothes or physical goods that the manufaturer set the kind of limits on that DRM is inflicting on us, so why accept the same for ebooks, videos and music?

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