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Originally Posted by l_macd View Post
Don't really see the need for a new sub-forum, but it'd possibly be worthwhile changing/adding the thread prefixes that exist to include the different Kindle models instead of just things like 'content, firmware, accessories, hacks, cloud reader'.
If there´s a Fire sub-forum, why not a Touch one? As time passes, every few months, we´ll have new e-readers, that´s why every each and one deserves to read threads about his/hers specific e-reader. If you have a sub-forum you can do a straight reading about each particular model and not being distracted by threads that are not specific.

Other than that, not everyone will tag his own post with prefixes and thhat´s the main reason we need a sub-forum.

JIT, prefixes are not so specifics as one can have different versions that are, or are not, applicable for each kind of Kindle /e-reader.
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