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Libraries are almost Sacred

I'm one of those cash poor people. We are in our 50's, still 2 children at home in their tweens. Going to the library is a highlight of the week for us. We get books, DVDs, ebooks, and even take fun informative classes.

Our entertainment budget is slim. Our children have access to the knowledge of the world through the library.

Honestly, we do own a LOT of books. Almost all of them have been purchased over many years. We also buy ebooks from Baen and download books from Gutenberg. We don't pirate. Our ebook readers are an old tiny Laptop and two Bookeen devices.

We did choose to concentrate on the Mobi format years ago, but that can change. We're NOT happy with the idea of a book reader that leaves "Amazon" in control of our ebook library.

What we "wish" is that we could buy a group of readers and have a family account for them all that would let us read all formats on Eink screen. So far, that's just not possible.

We aren't freeloaders because we support the library. We support it with our patronage, our time (we do volunteer), our taxes, and our votes. The library does pay for books.

The publishing industry is going through some changes. I hope that it will mean epublishers like Baen will facilitate the development of authors and bring the authors closer to their audiences. If it means that Amazon is going to be able to reach into my ebook-shelf at will and keep track of it . . . then that's evil.

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