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Originally Posted by robko View Post
Does behave the same on other books from other sources? It sounds like the file for that one is corrupted somehow. I might try to re-download it and see if it is any better.
No. I have tested other books, and they perform fine. The Epub file seems fine as far as I can tell (I have extracted it with no errors).

Originally Posted by rwhe View Post
I am an O'Reilly author and have had the same problems with some O'Reilly EPUB books, including my own. My workaround was to download the MOBI version and convert it to EPUB with Calibre (you should have access to several different formats when you buy an O'R book). This seemed to work better. However, after an unrelated factory reset, I found that the original EPUB versions worked fine again. Your mileage may vary.
I will give that a shot. My assumption is the mobi version has a much lighter CSS file than the ePub version. I have already factory reset to see if that was the cause.

Originally Posted by SameerH View Post
I'm actually currently testing with "Programming the iPhone User Experience" which is an (old) Oreilly title, and it seems to be pretty quick in all cases.

When you change the font size or face, the eReader has to reload the chapter with the new font size/face so it can, among other things, give you a new chapter page count, etc.

If the chapters are somehow giving the device any trouble, it would make sense that performance would degrade in any scenario where the chapter is required to be loaded/reloaded. I would be very interested in finding out why this particular title is giving you problems. If you have some time, please email me at shasan at kobo dot com and we can dig in to your particular case.
Will do Sameer, I'll email you shortly.

Thanks for replies, all.
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