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Awesome Tiny Travel Light

Hi Folks! Been here a long time, but I'm more of a reader than a poster Found something cool I wanted to share though. recently I've been looking for a travel light to take with me when I go back and forth between Japan and America east coast, which is a heck of a flight. I wanted something so I wouldn't have to keep the big airline light on when I was reading, that was tiny, and that worked well with my reader. After looking around at a bunch of stuff, I found this awesome little light, and thought I would share it with you folks in case anyone else has similar needs. I haven't tried it out for long periods yet, but out of the box it seems perfect. Flight coming up in a couple of weeks, so I'll follow up then. It is just a single led corner light, so it probably wouldn't be as good for a bigger reader as something with an extendable neck. Fine for the 350, 650, T1 size though. The clip opens perfectly to fit on my 350 with a silicon case, but that's about the limit. About 1cm.

Only problem is I don't know if it's available in other countries. Here's the link where I got it:

Images on my reader:
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