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Embed images into an ebook

Some sites don't include the figures/images into articles and instead the reader needs to click on an href link to see the image/figure. This wouldn't be possible on many ebook readers. To embed the images into output ebook, the tag type needs to be changed from <a> to <img>. Also the "href" property needs to be changed to "src". The following code does the job by looking for all the links to jpg files, then changed them to <img> tags.The code should be included into preprocess_html

PHP Code:
    def preprocess_html(selfsoup):
# Includes all the figures inside the final ebook
        # Finds all the jpg links
for figure in soup.findAll('a'attrs = {'href' lambda xand 'jpg' in x}):
# makes sure that the link points to the absolute web address
if figure['href'].startswith('/'):
figure['href'] = figure['href']
    'img' # converts the links to img
figure['src'] = figure['href'# with the same address as href
figure['style'] = 'display:block' # adds /n before and after the image
del figure['href']
del figure['target']
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