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Next version coming

I'm working on the next version of LRF TOC Editor. At the moment of writing this post this is the change log for it:

v1.03 (--/---/08):
  • added: show the cover thumbnail for the loaded file
  • added: navigation through pages using CTRL+PagUp/PagDown and CTRL+Home/End
  • added: support for additional styles within a text block, instead applying an unique style to the whole block, thus allowing a representation closer to the one on the PRS screen
  • removed: page and object number for each item in TOC and text panels
  • removed: header row in TOC and text panels
  • changed: new color to highlight selected items
  • changed: icons for up and down buttons
  • changed: new TOC panel font for better visibility
  • changed: the way to show that a text panel item is linked to a TOC entry, showing a blue bar to its left, along the full height of the item, instead showing a checked box
  • changed: the way to select the TOC entry linked to a text panel item or to assign a text panel item to the current TOC entry, right-clicking with the mouse on the text panel item instead clicking on the corresponding checkbox
  • changed: use of external DLL for keyboard and mouse events control, as the standard method fails with the control type used for the text panel
  • changed: dialogs for add/rename/reassign TOC entries so the operation can be cancelled
  • changed: now there are three visualization modes (full text with styles, full text without styles and short text without styles)
  • fixed: scroll position change on TOC panel when an entry is removed
  • fixed: now if the text have an special color for its status, as for example a modified item, the color is preserved when the item is selected, changing its background color only
  • fixed: sometimes the available action buttons were displayed incorrectly for the current selected item
I hope to have it finished soon. Anyway the change log still may grow, so I'm thinking of give it version number 1.1 instead 1.03.
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