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Originally Posted by cliver View Post
So, do you need a further push?

That's exactly what attracted me to it and, so far I haven't been disappointed
I really need to get the device in my hands to see about the reading experience - it's another 4 days before it is released widely here in Canada. As I mentioned, I really don't mind the 7" screen on the Kobo or the Playbook (though it feels in portrait mode kind of long and skinny). If the Galaxy Tab is not too far off that experience, I would be pretty ok with it.

The other thing I use my iPad 2 for is reading/web browsing while at the gym using equipment like exercise bikes and ellipticals. I am wondering whether it is large enough (when viewed from a distance and not held in the hands) to read from in that case.

Have you used yours in this type of manner (resting on a stand while you read it)? When I have done this with my iPhone it has been way too small to be usable. Thanks!
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