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I have both an iPhone 4S and an iPad 2 (not to mention a Playbook that I got on fire sale over the holidays and a Kobo Vox that I gave to my daughter). I have been really intrigued by the Samsung Note. I've been reading ebooks on small screens since the Palm III but have been spoiled by the amount of room that the iPad has. The 7" Playbook is fine for reading and I like being able to read with one hand. If I knew that the experience would be comparable to the 7" I think I would jump for it. The idea of being able to combine my phone with a decent reader is really appealing. I barely use the phone actually so am not concerned about the whole "freakishly large phone against my head" thing - also being in my late 40's I stopped caring that I might look stupid 2 kids ago.

I will be keeping the Playbook for work (I really detest Blackberrys but my work will not permit anything else, so the Playbook is my way of making the best of it). I could sell my iPad 2 and iPhone 4s and that would even pay for an unlocked Galaxy Note...

Sounds like I am talking myself into it, doesn't it?

I would really love to hear the experiences of people using the Galaxy Note as an all-in-one device. Thanks!
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