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Originally Posted by Peto View Post
There is at least one reason for Sony to improve the already sold products: To sell again to the same customers.

If they leave you feeling that they don't give a damn, you might still buy their product if you are happy with it, but if you are in doubt, they are out. The 505 is a great e-reader, but I wouldn't say it is the only good one or even the best.
My sentiments exactly. If purchasing a new device is the only way I'll get decent PDF support, this reader will go on eBay and Sony won't be the only company I'll be looking at. In fact, I'd be more likely to go with a company that has a history of feature laden firmware updates.

It's good business sense to garner loyalty than to use technological locks to try and force users to buy your products. Makes me much less likely to actually buy any DRMed books from Sony. Without an update they will likely not get my next purchase.
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