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I did get that case, though i only want it for storage, and when i carry it around, being thin aluminium it is not much larger than the nook, rather than the plastic hard cases which are about three times a thick as the nook.

A couple of problems, 1 : the clip to hold it closed is just a bit of bent aluminium that just clips together, it was rather weak so i bent it a bit more now it closes fine, though i have to use my fingernails to open it.

2 : the case it meant to hold the nook while it is being used, so the nook is held in place by four plastic clips, which don't work very well, as the nook keeps popping out, and might scratch the nooks case over time, but since i only want it to protect my nook when it is not being used, I have removed the clips.

So for me it works fine until i find something better , I would prefer if there were no holes in the case, as the power button and the charging socket is exposed.

If you want to know anything else let me know.


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Hi Tinderbox (UK), did you get the aluminium hard case in the end? I was thinking of getting that one too. Having just lost an ereader to a broken screen I want to hardest one I can get.
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