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dicknskip began at the beginning.
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0.5.1 Add fonts

Sigil 0.5.1 (installed today over 0.5.0)
Kubuntu 11.10 current
KDE 4.8.0

I right clicked on the fonts folder and selected add existing. I moved to the directory holding the font file and double clicked the .ttf. Sigil crashed. No error shown, just disappeared.

07/02/12 11:33:05 AM dick-desktop kernel [354198.606014] sigil[7787]: segfault at 10 ip 000000000061e050 sp 00007fffc03e5cf8 error 4 in sigil[400000+912000]

was the message in the System log. I hope this is enough data. I'm going back to 0.5.0 for now.
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