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@JustAMan: you're right - that was the part I missed - thanks!

I already decompiled the jars with JAD and currently also try JD-GUI to get a better class overview.
BUT: both decompiler seem to have a problem with method parameters
Both tools name _all_ parameters of a method and also local instances "a" - how can I distinguish them?
public boolean registerUser(String a, char[] a)
and then later in the same method:
VersionInfo a = (VersionInfo)a.getService(...);
HashMap a;
a = new HashMap()).put("deviceType", a.getFamilyMember());
Very confusing

Am I doing something wrong with that tools?
And how can I get (re-)compilable code or derive from a built-in class?

I currently don't get it:
How am I able to write own code which uses amazon's existing functionality and how do I compile it, that it works on the device?.
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