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Thanks for this information dasmoover, I guess I must have seen it on the gitbrew page but figured since that part of the filesystem *appeared* the same, it should work the same. So I apologize for badmouthing your solution, it seems to be my fault for putting it on the Touch. I really appreciate the work you put into this privacy issue, which is critically important one to me.

By the by, do you have any thoughts as to why disabling those 4 scripts, syslog-ng, loginfo, tinyrot, and showlog, might have bricked a Kindle Touch? Like, do you think the problem is caused directly by the scripts being linked to /dev/null, or a side effect of them not running? The fact that mine didn't fail immediately but after a week is compatible with the idea that a log directory might be getting filled up by some surviving process, and not cleared out as it should be... I'm interested in whether this basic approach to stopping logging might work for the Kindle Touch with modifications, or whether we'll have to use one of the alternative approaches.
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