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Originally Posted by andyh2000 View Post
I threw in the PRS-T1 as that has a 600x800 screen which is what some people were expecting the jetBook would look like. Clearly it's better than that,
Clearly bigger looks better. And no jetBook wouldnt look the same as the sony, because it is bigger! The 6" e ink screen is 167dpi, while the jetBook starts with 200dpi and the colour filter layer reduces that to 100dpi. That means a dot on the JB is 1.67x1.67= 2.79 times bigger than on a 6" ereader. And you further skewed it in favour of the jetBook by removing margins from the tested pdf file. To make up for the difference, you need to zoom in on the Sony, at least 167% size , or zoom out on the JetBook, at least to 60% size if not lower. Having a sample of text of equal physical size (you can take a ruller and measure if they are the same ) will allow meaningful comparisions. Because it is no suprise to anyone who tried to fit an A4 size page on a 6" ebook reader, that this looks bad and is very hard to read. Hence the interest in bigger ereaders.

That being said, the jetbook has actualy three ways on generating a "black" pixel by a combination of subpixels: (W = the nonfiltered subpixel being turned on, so being actualy black)

|RG| |RG| | |
|BW| |B | | W|

Having the pixels in diagonal would actualy help rendering the letters with diagonal lines. Maybe even horizontal ones. Let's see if ASCII art works:

/ R \W/R \W/R\W/R \W/R\W/R \
|G B||G B||G B||G B||G B||G B|
\ W/R \W/R\W/R \W/R \W/R\W/R \
B||G B||G B||G B||G B||G B||G B|

Yay, a non-jagged horizontal line!
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