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Foot Note Format

I'm trying to reformat the footnotes throughout my epub which I will be converting to mobi.

The issue was that all of my link id's were inside the <p> tags which referenced the CSS file and so if you used a link on a Kindle to get to a footnote or a chapter, the format of the text would be messed up, but if you flipped to it it was fine.

So I fixed all the chapter headings and the endnotes and I am about to fix the endnote references throughout the chapter so when you go back to them from the endnotes they are still superscripted.

My question is, what is the best way to link back to them? I've been playing with the book and it seems wrong that the links back to the references just give you the reference as the first character of the page but you can't see what the reference was actually for.

I think it would be better if it linked back to the beginning of the sentence or the paragraph that the reference is in. I only have a few purchased books but none of them do this, is this irregular or frowned upon to do?

If not then can anyone give suggestions for the best way to do this, possibly with regex?

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