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StuBear began at the beginning.
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Hi All,

I've been lurking for the past couple of weeks getting a feel for the forums. Now I'm finally intoducing myself.

I'm an Australian expat living in Japan. I've been using Linux since 1995 when I couldn't find an English of version of windows to install on a laptop I had bought here. So of course when I first saw the Sharp Zaurus it was lust at first sight.

After convincing my wife of the desperate need for me to own one of these great "personal mobile tools" I've been hanging out on zaurus forums - sadly the only one left running is OE Forums (formally ZaurusUsersGroup).

Now that I'm used to forums I've started to spread out to other interest areas, number one being ebooks. With the Zaurus's clear 640x480 display reading ebooks (and watching videos) are a real pleasure.

My current reader is opie-reader and my favorite ebook format is plucker. I think DRM is EVIL - note I have nothing against copyright and am more than happy to pay for my ebooks, but the thought that a publisher (or recording studio) can tell me where, how and how often I can read something I paid for makes my blood boil.

Being an geek (both privately and for pay ), I favour Sci-Fi and technical ebooks, but I'm willing to read just about anything (being in a non-English speaking country will do that to you). I've recently become a fan of Cory Doctrow and heartily recommend his books to anyone after a good read.

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