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Thanks a lot everyone!!

On top of answering my question you've even given me some more things to consider!

Originally Posted by Kumabjorn View Post
Don't know how good access you have to WiFi hotspots in Melbourne, but here in Sweden they are fairly prevalent. I have access to WiFi when riding the bus or train. Walking in any reasonably populated area you will at any time have access to between 3 and 10 APs. The problem is that you are moving so you go in and out all the time. Now, if you have a smartphone with tethering you can use WiFi on your reader and connect it to the phone and that way access the internet from your reader.
This is pretty amazing!! In Melbourne we don't have anything like that
Not that I need this The most important for me is to be able to access WiFi.

BWinmil - nice of you to give me the heads up on the browsing matter! From different reviews I've noticed how everyone is complaining about this...

Well, I tend to look at an e-reader as just a greener and sometimes more portable way of reading!
So I don't expect a BOOK (even if it's high-tech) to be readable in darkness of enable me to use internet.
I am more than satisfied with the functions most e-readers have already!!!

Well, I am more than satisfied with the outcome of this thread, so if it is at all possible and if it is a normal practice here, we can call it the day and close the thread...

Just don't know how to do it...
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