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IQ 701 - a couple of questions

I just got my (used) Pocketbook IQ701. All looks good, v. good condition, things seem to work ok if a bit slow, but haven't looked at everything yet. Wi-Fi connected fine, there's 250 books in the internal memory, and it's running 2.0.3. However my mac doesn't seem to recognise it as a mass storage device when I connect the USB.

The questions:

1) to upgrade to 2.0.6, what files should I back up and save? Just the books and stuff like that, or also the apps? if the latter too, which ones? The Pocketbook apps and/or the 3rd party apps? What will an update to 2.0.6 wipe?

2) the 701 didn't come with an SD card. I'm planning on an 8gb card...should I go for a class 10 or just a class 4 or 6? Does the card have to be formatted first? (if so how).

3) If I can't connect my Mac to the Pocketbook, then I'll have to backup the PB's files to the SD card. But then I'll also need to put the firmware update on a card, won't I? Can backups and updates exist on the same card?

Thanks if anyone can shed light!

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