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Kindle Touch (5.0.0) bricked, no USB - what's to blame?

Hey folks, my Kindle Touch is now showing the bootup logo, with the tree and the words Kindle, and does not respond to any button presses. (holding the power button for 20 s makes the green light flash, after which pressing it again causes a flash of white and black screen and then return to the book screen) When connected to my Mac via USB it appears to charge but does not mount a drive. I have no idea what event happened to get it into this state: it was about an hour after connecting to wifi and downloading a book from amazon, then disconnecting from wifi and putting it to sleep (by a single power button press). It was about half charged. I've been reading Rastik's thread over and over, but as a less technically skilled user I'm having trouble figuring out how I can follow in his footsteps to unbrick. I'd appreciate any help with that.

Also important, I'd like to know what caused this. Although I accepted that bricking the device, perhaps for good, was a possibility, I was under the impression that all the modifications I made were relatively low-risk. If one of them could cause bricking, we should publicize that. Here's what I did, in order:

- Used Yifan Lu's mp3 jailbreak.
- Installed usbnet, changing the root password in the process.
- Installed Yifan Lu's screensaver hack, 2nd version, and about 1.4 MB of different image files.
- Successfully ssh'ed in and looked around, just using cat etc. Deleted the log files in /var/local/log/, that is wpa_suplicant*, netlog*, and messages*, after copying them to ~.
- Ran, the latest version from github, the text of which I've appended to this message.

So I did not do any editing of config files etc at all, only running these scripts and doing normal Kindle user activities. It was working great for more than a week after the last of these changes. Which of them might have been the culprit? Some more information that might be relevant: unlike in OS X, in Windows XP the operating system responds to plugging in the Kindle, recognizing it as a USB device, specifically "USB Mass Storage Device Location 0 (Amazon Kindle)" Also a Removable Disk shows up called D:, but when I double click it has the message: "Please insert a disk into drive D:"

I'd be very grateful for hints to get me going. Even if I can get a replacement Kindle, I don't think I would want to use an unjailbroken one where the logs can be read by Amazon. that I ran:



backup() {
echo "Creating backup of loginfo, tinyrot, otaup, showlog, syslog-ng."
mkdir "/mnt/us/.kindlesec/"

for files in $PATHS
#creates backup of original file to /mnt/us/.kindlesec
cp $files /mnt/us/.kindlesec/

null_link() {
echo "Pointing log scripts to /dev/null"
for paths in $PATHS
#creates symlink and backup to $PATH
ln -s -b /dev/null $paths
exit 0

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