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Many thanks for all the replies. It's given me much to muse over... When will I find time to read a book

Originally Posted by cliver View Post
I also like the page turning animation. Somehow it makes it seem more like reading a real book.
Oh how I hate this feature. Nonsense that waste users time, but as they say different strokes
As you say different strokes for different folks
For me I like to get as close to the real thing as I can. I'm the same with my music, I like to get all tagging right and album art attached so I can feel like I'm browsing my LP's (now that's aged me )

Some eReading apps like Montango and Moon change the time out level when the app is in use. This is a nice features since the default timeout is unmodified thus saving battery life during nomal usage.
I'll have to investigate this. Nice feature.

The Note has wi-fi, doesn't it, in addition to the cellular wireless? I get books from Calibre to my Android tablets through a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection to our LAN. I was figuring to do the same with the Note -- either that or Dropbox. What do you think? Am I out of luck?
Hi Filark, yes it has full wireless capabilities as you would expect from a smart-phone these days. I'm new to android and haven't found a way to "share/network" the phone yet but I'm sure it's possible. The DropBox solution will certainly work, I use it with Titanium Pro Backup.

Kai Winters I've read about the Note and would be thrilled if Samsung offered it as wifi only as well as a phone.
I have the Galaxy Media Player 5 and love it as a reader...very close to the Note but not the SAMOLED screen and other things too hehehe.
Have you looked at their tablets? I believe the specs are about the same without the inbuilt phone capability. I know that some people were looking at it as an alternative because the note was, and still is I think, quite hard to get hold of. The tablets can be upgraded for use as a phone as well.

You can connect your Note to Calibre as USB Storage
Originally Posted by cliver View Post
I found it best to use the web server interface to transfer books to the android as it didn't seem to want to connect using calibres send to device function. I think that's because it doesn't show up as a drive letter on my Win 7 pc.
Actually you can connect it as usb storage to be recognized by Calibre:
1 Go to Setting --> wireless and network
2. Select USB Utilities
3. Tap 'Connect Storage to PC'
4. A new window will appear to ask you to connect the USB Cable to use USB Mass Storage.
5. Connect the cable to your Galaxy note and your PC
6. The Mass Storage connection will appear.

Then your Calibre will recognize both the internal and external SD Card.

For information, I have updated my Note to 2.3.6. I don't know if this method is available in 2.3.5.
Brilliant, many thanks for pointing that out.
I have just discovered that as a way of connecting my music player and of course that will work with calibre to. Great, thanks again

Regards to all
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