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But the reviews all say its suitable for comics... Which isn't really an argument, though.

I've owned a Foxit Eslick which I did use for comics through unpacking the CBR (or CBZ) into a folder, and the Eslick performed quite nicely. Rotating, zooming, and going to the next picture all worked good, but the resolution (something like 800x600) was minimal, which resulted in a lot of zooming. The Pocketbook 912 has a higher resolution (1200x825), and thus should work better.

It doesn't have CBR or CBZ capabilities, which is somewhat normal, I guess.
But when placing a set of pictures in a folder (JPEG) it displays them quite good, but zooming is somehow disabled, which makes for some pictures being displayed in only the middle 1/3 of the screen, like if you rotate a landscape picture on a landscape monitor 90 degrees. Zooming in a PDF, epub, etc. is supported, and works quite nicely.

So, I thought about converting it to pdf or the like, which hasn't yielded anything good. Hence my question
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