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Device: Kindle Touch 5.0.0
Hi all. Two days ago to buy a new kindle touch and had no better idea than trying to crack this. Now I have a brick.

How did I get this?
Well, I wanted to apply jailbreack using the "Method 3" according to next link ""
This launches the Kindle on diagnostic mode, after this and in the last step which is explained in the link (... 14. Select "D) Disable Diagnostics" and "Q) To continue "...) emerged the following error:" device_nfo.xml not found ".
To try to avoid the problem of repeat 2 more times from step 10 to 14. After this at one point he turned off the kindle and never lit anymore.

How does kindle behave now?
- I can not mount this (ls / dev / sd *).
- Not boot after hours of charging in more than one pc.
- The LED only turn on when you connect the USB cable and always with the color "amber"(Kindle discharged). I never can see the green light (charged).
- If I connect the USB cable to a PC with WinXP, it detects the device as a "Kindle", but windows can not find the driver. This only happens after holding down the power button a few seconds.

I am a Gentoo user and I graduated as electronic technician in my high school. I have not found simple instructions to build the serial cable they are talking about so far. It would be helpful have an instruction.
I am really disappointed, the Kindle cost me a good sum andand I want to make it work at all costs, but i need help.

There chance to save the kindle? how?

From and to thank everyone for the help they can give me

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