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The new version of comicLRF is refusing to generate .lrf files for me. it processes the cbr file fine, and even claims to have written the cbr file, and terminates with no error. However, there is no lrf file anywhere (ran complete search on drive).

I have comiclrf at "c:\perl\comiclrf\"
Working in directory "c:\comics"

Command line is: -r "C:\Comics\GunnerkriggCourt.cbr"

File has 412 jpg images.

Interestingly, if I go back to an older version of comiclrf (update: 20070806, contains independant lrs2lrf.exe), it works fine. Could the conversion of libprs500 to calibre have screwed something up?

Also, is there any plan to support a TOC? For big files (e.g, 1000+ images), some form of navigation would be really nice. CDisplay grabs any text file in the .cbr file. Perhaps you could implement some form of lightweight markup language in a included text file.
A simple tab delimited, line break separated format could work, and be easily human-readable to boot.

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