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a small typo is fixed

Originally Posted by doctorow
Hey, at least you got the choice and it's all open-source! Wish this could be said for Windows Mobile-based e-book readers... ! Misha, any thoughts on porting this reader to other platforms as well?
Even though it's not said on the web page, it supports desktop Qt, which, together with Gtk+ (which is the same for small devices and for the desktop) gives us quite a bit of platforms this reader can run on.

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I originally asked my friend to spend some time on porting it to Gtk+. This kind request bounced back to me and we worked on the port together. My original reason for the Gtk+ port was that I wanted this program to be then ported to Nokia 770. Being a member of the team that works on the device I knew about the internals quite a bit in advance. Two screenshots of the program being run on the device can be found here:

When I finish the package and make sure that it works on the device, the port will be properly mentioned on the home page.
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As for other platforms, there are no really specific plans except for Palm, which is in works. However I am not sure what is the current status of it and what is the ETA.

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