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Converting CBR to... whatever, as long as it's readable

I've recently been given a Pocketbook Pro 912, which so far performed absolutely brilliant.

However, I've not found a way to properly display CBR's (rar's with jpeg's inside them) on the device. I've tried unpacking them, which leads to a whole lot of jpegs which aren't zoomable (which I find odd). I've tried converting them with Calibre, which took a long time and resulted in a significant (factor eight) increase in size, which the device then didn't display at all.

So, before I waste anymore time with pointless converting, I'll ask my question here:
What's a good way to get comics in CBR format to display on an e-reader, such as the Pocketbook 912? Converting, unpacking, custom apps, any tip is welcome!
Also, I'll admit that even while I did look at the forums, I only used the search function for a couple of minutes before giving up, so if there's a thread out there, please point me to it. Also, calling me lazy at that point is quite justified.
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