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Hey hey hey!!! How cool is that "Golden Allmine Ermine RC3"??? Suddenly I have 2.3gb of app storage (in place of the anemic 320mb I had before), that's EIGHT TIMES the app space I had before

So as not to lose the apps I already had installed, I copied my /data/app/ folder to the sdcard. Added the rc3 and gapps zip files to the root of my sdcard, and reflashed the PE.

It worked absolutely great! Can't find a thing that's not working yet. Am in the process of re-installing (from my /extsdcard/data/app/ folder, see above) the apps I want and skipping those that weren't so good after all!!

Also, the Android Market is offering to re-install about 30 apps, a few of them I want, the rest were those apps I tried out and didn't want to keep. So is there a way to remove apps from the "MyApps" list on the Market?

Thanks again for everything
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