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howto: Get root back after firmware update

I updated my rooted Sony PRS T1 from firmware to and run into the problem that I do not have a rooted device afterwards. I tried to flash root again with but it does not work.
I looked around and see the reason: After flashing to there are no space left on system partition for superuser.apk.
Before the firmware update I have a fully functional rooted reader with a second ext3-partition for apps on the external sdcard (made with Link2sd as shown here: Enlarge Storage for apps )

Here is my way to solve this situation:

1. Make full backup of all partitions before updating the firmware (just in case...) How do I do a full dump
2. Update to Firmware as written on Sony Site
3. After the update connect the reader via usb to pc, extract Superuser.apk and su from ""-Package and copy both to the root-folder of the sd-card named READER
4. unmount and disconnect reader from windows
5. Reboot in Recovery mode: Howto enter recovery mode
6. connect reader to pc and make a terminal connection via putty and login with user "root" and no password
7. do the following:
# mount system-partition
mkdir /tmp/sys
mount -t auto /dev/mmcblk2p10 /tmp/sys
# Look, theres no space left ;-)
df -h
# delete unused Wallpapers to get free space
cd /tmp/sys/app
rm LiveWallpapers.*
# check free space again
df -h
# mount reader-partition
mkdir /tmp/reader
mount -t auto /dev/mmcblk2p4 /tmp/reader
# copy superuser app to system
cp /tmp/reader/Superuser.apk /tmp/sys/app
cp /tmp/reader/su /tmp/sys/bin
# make correct settings (get infos from in
chmod 06755 /tmp/sys/bin/su
mkdir -p /tmp/sys/xbin
ln -fs /system/bin/su /tmp/sys/xbin/su
# sync, unmount and reboot
cd /
umount /tmp/sys
umount /tmp/reader
8. After reboot start awd launcher (via "Bar Shortcuts") and start "Link2SD"
Now you can say "okay" to superuser permissions then choose "ext3" as type for second partition of the external sdcard. The mount script for the Link2-SD-Partition will be created new.

9. reboot reader

Now all apps, data & root are available again!!!
Only issue is to say "okay" again to every first access to superuser rights from an app.

I hope this helps somone else.

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