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Angry Returning to Kindle until Vox problems fixed

Okay, I've been a Vox lover since the day it came out, but I'm finally so annoyed that I'm going back to reading on my old kindle and just using vox as a cheapo tablet.

The sleep-of-death thing is killing me for one thing. Nothing like having to quickly shut it off when the doc calls me in then finding the battery dead by the time I get home even with wi-fi off! Nevermind the noisy wake up sound causing people to stare since I can't leave it in sleep mode without the battery dying quickly.

Using usb to transfer anything deleting my books causing me to spend 20 minutes to re-import my library and losing my bookmarks is pissing me off.

Customer service telling me that yes, my books will be deleted when I use USB unless they all come from the kobo store and perhaps I should use whatever reader for non-kobo books.

Customer Service suggesting to leave it plugged it to combat the sleep-of-death thing and another customer service agent telling me that leaving it plugged in is killing my battery and is the reason I have to keep resetting. So I guess I'm supposed to keep staring at the charge light 24/7 and not use the things Kobo touts as 'features'.

This is just too much damned work to read a book!

I doubt Vox devs still read here and I apologize to the rest of you for the rant. Perhaps one day they'll fix the problems and I'll give my kindle a break, but for now I'm glad I kept it!
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