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Originally Posted by Laridae View Post
What's your budget?
Do you want to spend $200 or $600?
large screen ereaders are also expensive.
for example , kindle Dx=379$ , Onyx M92=430$ &...
so I want it under 500 $ , and I want to be perfect for reading!

Originally Posted by pilotbob View Post
I don't know... but that new JetBook color reader looks pretty nice.

Although for $500 I would probably get an iPad. But, I expect the prices to come down on this size/tech reader in the next few years. The original Kindle was $399... now you can buy one (4 years later) for $80.

I think the same way , but new jetbook isn't be tested enough to be sure from it performance and it is a new device.
I must buy the devise for 1-2 month , and I want that it will perfect for reading (and of course annotations)

Originally Posted by Beryll Snyder View Post
If you need it for mostly reading and some not so usable annotations, you are probably well served with the M92 - and if you are not bothered by products of a small company.
Otherwise, for serious work there is no alternative to a tablet - or waiting...
what do you mean by "not so usable annotations"??
I just want a devise that it will perfect for reading (and of course annotations). Is that really so much????????????????????
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