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Samsung Galaxy Note as an eReader

Hi all,
I have has a Galaxy Note for a couple of weeks now and have been using it as an eReader for most of that having done some research on here first (Thanks to all who offered advice in response to my questions).
So I thought I'd pass on my experiences so far...
First of all the Galaxy not is a great piece of kit as a smartphone. Not cheap but if you are considering it then I can highly recommend it. And, no, I don't find it too big
As an eReader I would say it performs very well, although I don't have anything to compare it with as this is my first foray into eReading.
The screen size is pretty good for this type of activity as is the Super Amoled screen technology. I can't say I have noticed any appreciable eye strain compared with "real books". That despite being mid 50's with the sight deterioration that goes with the ageing process
I can't really compare it to an eInk display never having used one for any length of time but I don't tend to read in direct sunlight anyway.
I don't have any trouble with battery life but I doubt it will compete with the eInk devices.
If I am reading for a long while I plug in the charger on a long lead and find that works for me.
I also found I had to adjust the screen time out so that I could comfortably read one page before it went blank.
The software I have settled on for the time is FBReader. I tried Aldiko but didn't like it telling me where to store my books. So, although I liked the UI on Aldiko I'm afraid it was a no go for me.
I then tried FBReader and, although it's UI isn't quite as good as Aldiko I liked the fact that it lets me decide where my books go and it seems to do all I need, at least for the time being. I also like the page turning animation. Somehow it makes it seem more like reading a real book.
I have also adjusted the font size to suit me eyes so I can read it comfortably.
I use Calibre on my PC to manage my library, mainly so that I can get books from many sources and transcode them into epub with no drm for my own use. Not that I am into illegal piracy but I like to be able to do what I want with a book once I have paid for it.
I found it best to use the web server interface to transfer books to the android as it didn't seem to want to connect using calibres send to device function. I think that's because it doesn't show up as a drive letter on my Win 7 pc.
The browser interface works pretty well though.
I think that's about all I can say for now.
If I come up with anything exciting or disastrous I'll ledt you know.
Or, if anyone has any questions just ask and I'll be happy to use my meagre knowledge to respond.

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