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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
To fix it with software only, you need to be able to write files to the USB drive, if only briefly.

Otherwise, the touch can be forced into usb/hid mode, but we do not yet know how to use that to our advantage. It is being researched.

The best option at this time is using the serial port.
Well, I guess that means I'll have to get a new one. I can't really send it back after jailbreaking it, even if I only used it for an hour or so

I wish I knew what went wrong, too. I don't really want to have a kindle if I can't get rid of some parts of the system, but I'm afraid I'll just permabrick the second one, too. :P

Edit: I did see specific usb/serial cables mentioned in some places. Would I still need to be able to solder to get serial port access if I got one of those?

The other question is... even if I manage to get through into the serial port (which might not work, either), what could be causing a brick this severe, and could I even fix it? Do you think the flash memory got messed up with an unsafe unmount/eject?

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