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Notetaking and huge pdf. documents

Dear All

I am willing to buy an e-book reader as due to my job, I need to read lots of pdf documents. Some of these are very hugh quality pdf document, which are not too big interms of size. On ther other hand, sometimes I need to deal with hand scans (manualls scanned by a scanner). I understand that some of the e-book readers do not allow you to use externak memories. And I understand that even if they allow you to use external memories, it might still be difficult to read those huge documents (which have sizes like 30+ Mb.).
Could you please kindly recommend me which devices might help me for reading those huge documents?

Another thing is, I love highlighting documents, taking notes on them etc. as mots of the documents that I am dealing with are technicel books/ documents. I know Sony has a product by which you can take notes and even use your handwriting to underline books etc. But I am not usre about the performanbce of Sony. Could anyone recommend about the e-book readers which has this notetaking capability?
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